3pi - Accessory Suggestion


Just put a 3pi on pre-order, and wanted to make an accessory suggestion/request for when things settle down - Namely a protoboard similar to your round chassis protoboard, preferably black to match.

Thanks for considering it!


Thank you for the order and thank you for the suggestion! We already have a plan for a (black) protoboard expansion deck that will mount just above the wheels and LCD using four standoffs. It will connect to the expansion pads on the lower PCB and provide prototyping space where you can attach your own hardware, and it have a cutout window so that you can still view the LCD. If you look at the labeled pictures on the product web page you can see the four larger holes where the standoffs will go: by the reset button, by the charger port, by the buzzer, and by the ISP header.

I don’t yet have any information on when we will release this expansion deck, but it definitely in the works.

- Ben

Great to hear it’s already been considered. Hope you might do a version without the window as well. Actually thinking about mounting one of my uOLED displays on the little critter. Looking forward to some fun hours with the 3pi.

As a follow-up, we have released two expansion-kit accessories for the 3pi:

black, round PCB without cutouts
black PCB with cutouts for the LCD, programming header, and power/reset buttons

- Ben