3pi: Accessing specific Reflected sensors

Hello All,

I am trying to do a project with the 3pi that involves a wall follower and a line follower. A small part that I would need to be able to accomplish is to access specific Reflected sensors on the 3pi, specifically the left-most and right-most one. I would then like to output the reading to the LCD of the 3pi in order to determine how I can edit the line follower.

Any type of help would be appreciated.


The read_line_sensors() function reads all the sensor values and stores them in to an array. You can access the left-most and right-most sensor values directly from the array. You can read more about the readLineSensors command in the “3pi Robot Functions” section of the Pololu AVR Library Command Reference.

- Jeremy

Thank You Jeremy.

I didn’t see that someone replied to my thread post and I have been checking that’s weird…

But anyways, I was assuming that the left most and right most sensors would be accessed from the array such as sensor[0] and sensor[5]? How would I print this out to the LCD? I’m having trouble with this.

If anyone could reply then that would be awesome.

The outer two sensors on the array are sensor[0] and sensor[4]. You can use the Orangutan LCD functions to display their readings onto the LCD. You can read more about the functions in the “Orangutan LCD” section of the Pololu AVR Library Command Reference.

- Jeremy