3pi+ 2040 Out of the Box Thinks Early Adoptee Is Having Too Much Fun

New 3pi+ early adopter - I ordered the kit and the build took a little under 2 hrs, following the instruction video on Youtube. Building the critter was straightforward, and the assembly seemed very well designed, though not too intuitive for someone new to the 3pi line. And the warning in the 3pi+ product listing about being experienced is well advised - I’ve build several racing quads, and while I’ve done closer soldering, you can not rush through this build, and you should be fairly confident of your skills. That said, it’s a fantastic kit, though as the description says, you’ll be doing some programming.

Here is a video of one of the critter’s cuter moments: 3PiPlus_out_of_the_box_2.mp4 - Google Drive

Some additional tools I found useful for the build were - Blue Tack and a Helping Hand to hold parts for soldering, especially the motor leads, because my fingers aren’t as deft as the video presenters’ (my helping hand the big kind with beads on all of the arms), and a flux pen for prepping the contacts for soldering, since flux paste is generally awkward around assemblies, but flux really helps solder flow onto the contacts; a 3/16 combination wrench for tightening the OLED standoffs, and a big dose of concentra - er, coffee.

So I’m planning something like an autonomous mobile robot with obstacle avoidance, like bg305’s fantastic project, except that I don’t have a cat.



Thank you for your 3pi+ 2040 early adopter purchase and for sharing your experience so far! Those are some good suggestions for additional tools to help with the assembly. Making it an obstacle avoidance robot sounds like a fun project; I would love to see it in action when you get it working!


Thanks for the construction tips. I just got this kit and am keen to put it together. Do you think you’ll add any additional sensors?

Probably an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance, possibly two sensors, and working with the IMU for balance and motion tracking. I think that should be enough to make the robot responsive when operating autonomously, and I’m just basically mapping out the code to make everything work together right now. Good luck with the build!

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