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3D Printed Zumo Blade and ToF (VL6180X) Carrier

I wanted to use the Pololu VL6180X time-of-flight sensor in front of the Zumo robot.
Instead using the default metal blade, I have created a 3D printer model for the blade and the sensor holder.

See for more pictures plus for the 3D models and files:


Hello, Erich.

Its good to hear from you, again. Its exciting that you have added even more hardware to your Zumos! I like how clean the robot and its connections look despite there being so many additions to it. I’m also hoping the 3D printed blade holds its own against the metal blades; please let us know how your testing goes!


Hi Jon,
so far the 3D printed blade is doing very well against the metal ones. I will know more next week after the final Sumo battles :-).


The 3D printed blades did very well against the metal ones. Impressions and lessons learned especially with the ToF sensors are available in https://mcuoneclipse.com/2017/05/31/2017-spring-semester-sumo-challenge/.