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3D Printed Case for D36V50Fx Step-Down Voltage Regulators


Has anyone seen an STL for D36V50Fx Step-Down Voltage Regulators?



Hello, Don.

I have not seen any 3D printed case designs specifically for those regulators, but if you have not already, you might try searching on sites like Thingiverse and GrabCAD. Alternatively, if you are up for designing your own, you can find a dimension diagram and a 3D STEP file for those boards under the “Resources” tab of any of their product pages, such as this one.



I have printer this. Do you think others would be interested in it?

Nice! I am sure some users would find it useful, either as-is or as a starting point for making their own design.


I will put this up on Thingiverse soon. Uses 3 x M2 cap screws to hold it down and a cable tie to hold the wires secure. Has worked out good.

Here is the Thingiverse link D36V50Fx Step-Down Voltage Regulators Case by flyonly - Thingiverse

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