3D Printable Mount for the D24V150Fx - Updated!

Just a quick share, Here is a mount for the D24V150Fx Voltage Regulator

Regulator Mount - Pololu.stl (435.0 KB)

Note: .stl updated after testing fit, was a bit off, this should be correct now.

Enjoy… Steve


Hello, Steve.

Thank you for sharing! That looks great; I love that you added our logo!


Wont know for 100% sure that it fits correctly until tomorrow when I receive the board, but did follow the board layout diagram for measurements. I will update if there are any needed changes. The target application for this board and mount is my life size R2D2’s dome.

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Your R2D2 looks great! If you have more information about your R2D2 you would like to share, I am sure our other forum members would love to hear about it!


R2D2 was built using plans shared by the R2D2 Builders group. Anyone can join and get access to a huge wealth of information on how to build your own R2.


And both on facebook!!


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