3D model for Robot Arm Kit for Romi

Hello all,

I just bought Robot Arm Kit for Romi for installing on old Parrot Jumping Sumo.
To help me design new support, do you have a 3D Model of the entire arm ?

Thansk a lot


We are working on getting models available for the robot arm kit for Romi, but do not have a timetable for when we will have them ready. In the meantime, you might be able to use the diagram and model for the expansion plate to design supports. Those files can be found under the “Resources” tab on the product page for the Romi expansion plate.

If you want to know other dimensions, let me know which ones, and I might be able to get them for you.


By the way, Would it be a copyright violation if I’ll 3d scan Robot Arm and put the 3D model in the public access? Somewhere on Sketchfab.com or thingverse.com for example. I’m a novice 3D scanning fan, using my old Kinect X-BOX in combination with Artec Studio. I’d appreciate your answer.

Hello, Angelo.

That sounds like a fun use of a 3D scanner; we’d love to see what you come up with. If you do post something publicly please include some kind of attribution to us (e.g. include mention of Pololu or links back to the product where possible).


Thanks for the answer Brandon! You can be sure I’ll do that.