38 kHz IR Proximity Sensor IR led?

What IR LED (and FET) does the sensor use? Specifically wondering if there’s any difference between the low brightness (part #2461) and high brightness (part #2460) variants other than the IR LED resistors? ie can I change the IR LED resistor values myself and adjust brightness? Product Resources page doesn’t specify what parts the IR LED and FET actually are, that’s really all I need :slight_smile: thanks!


We do not reveal the IR LED or FET used on that sensor; however, I can tell you that the two versions use the same IR LED. As you suspected, resistors are used to adjust the brightness of the LED. The schematic on the IR proximity sensor’s product page shows what resistors are used on both versions (I have also posted the schematic below).

You should be able to change those resistors to adjust the brightness yourself; however, I do not recommend using resistors that have lower resistance values than the ones used on the high brightness version since it might deliver more current than what the IR LED can handle.

- Jeremy

good enough, thanks!