37D Motor Output Shaft Position

Hi guys,

I’m trying to design a small pump and I want to use the 50:1 or 67:1 37D motor to drive it, but I can’t work out from the drawings provided where the output shaft is positioned in relation to the bolt holes… Is there any drawing available that I can use to calculate the positioning?



Hello, Andy.

The drawing on the product page should have all the dimension you need to calculate the shafts position relative to the mounting holes. One dimension that is easy to miss on that drawing is the one showing that the gearbox output shaft is offset from the center of the motor by 7 mm. If there is something you are confused about or feel is still missing from the drawing, please let me know.

- Grant

Thanks a million - that solves it.

I was looking on this page - robotgear.com.au/Product.asp … PR-Encoder and there’s no 7mm dimension included in the pic on there.

Greatly appreciated!