37D motor break in and motor specs

I am just curious as to how I break in these motors. I have seen lots of different methods online, like the water break in method, the dry method and the alcohol method. I think I will go with the dry method but I want to know what you, the manufacturer suggest. Another thing is I have looked all over your site and I cant find any info on the particular type of motors that are used for the 37D Gearmotors. Any info y’all have would be appreciated.

One more thing, What kind of grease do you suggest I use for the gearboxes? A lithium/ moly grease or what?


We do not typically break in our metal gearmotors before we use them, and, as far as I know, it is not something the manufacturer specifically recommends. While it might have some benefits, I suspect that this kind of thing is more important for higher-performance brushed motors, and it is okay to use these motors out of the box in your actual application. We have not characterized how running in water affects these motors, so I suggest that you go with the dry method if you choose to break them in.

Note that the gearbox is already greased for life. You do not need to add more grease, and doing so (or even just opening the gearbox) could negatively affect the motor’s performance.

- Ben

Ok thank you!