37D Gearmotor Acceleration


I am trying to determine the acceleration of the motors used in the 37D gearmotor w/ encoder series.

I am pretty sure it doesn’t matter what gear ratio is on the motor, as it shouldn’t affect its acceleration.

If someone has a datasheet, that would be helpful.


Hello, Daniel.

The gear ratio will affect the acceleration of the output shaft on the motor. If you are talking about the acceleration of the back shaft on the motor, there might still be differences between motors with different gearboxes due to the differences in friction. We do not have a datasheet or specifications for the acceleration of those for those gearmotors. Is there a particular reason you need to know the acceleration?

- Grant


Thank you for replying.

I need to understand what is the time to reach fully speed for a very timed and quickly paced application. I could just read out the encoder positions and do a little bit of math to find out the acceleration but I was hoping their might be a datasheet on these motors.

- Daniel