37D gear motors to move heavy load

I want to move 10-20kg of load in about 2-3 meters per second, there is no incline. Does anyone know what are the rated torque values for 37D motors ? in pololu website only the stall torque is listed, which doesn’t help as i need to know max torque at the rated rpm.
alternatively where else can I find high powered wheel+coupling+gear motor for my project


How much torque do you require?

This is something i am trying to find out. I have read that recommended torque is the radius of wheel times the weight of load. Is this correct ? In my project there is no incline could a torque lower than (weight* wheel radius) move the car

The required torque depends on desired acceleration and gear and bearing friction as well as incline and wheel diameter. You will need to work all that out before choosing a motor.


Like Jim mentioned, you would need to figure out how much torque your system needs in order to select a useful motor for your project. You might consider reading this blog post about force and torque to get started on that. Also, we generally recommend that the maximum amount of torque your system will experience not exceed about 30% of the stall torque of your selected motor. For example, if you were using this 30:1 37D gearmotor, we generally recommend that the maximum torque of your system not exceed 33 oz*in of torque.