360 degree IP cameras for wheeled mobile robot

Hello everyone - this is my first post. I’m fairly new to robotics, but reasonably experienced when it comes to electronics, software and general engineering.

I am currently building a 4-wheel drive mobile robotic platform with a wireless IP link onboard. I’d like to be able to stream panoramic pictures from the robot. The panoramic pictures will work in parallel with a forward-facing Axis IP camera that runs at 30fps and has a FOV of 60 degrees.

So far I’ve not come up with many camera products for doing the panoramic pictures. However, this morning I found the Arecont AV8185 which can do 180 degrees:

I was thinking of using 2 of these to get the full 360 degrees and running it a 1 fps.

What does everyone think of this idea? Does anyone have any alternative products they could recommend?

Thanks very much in advance,