34:1 Metal Gearmotor Question


I have the dagu 4wd Thumper chassis that uses 4 34:1 gearmotors. My question is how much weight are these motors rated at? the chassis comes at around 4 lbs, so if I add 7 lbs to my robot will that greatly affect the motor performance/shaft? Thank you


The manufacturer recommends a maximum payload of 11 lbs for the 6WD version; unfortunately, we do not have such a rating for the 4WD version, but I think 2/3 of that (or around 7 lbs) might be reasonable. The 34:1 ratio motors have a higher speed and lower torque, so they will be more affected by large payloads than the 75:1 version, and you will potentially notice more difficulty turning in place, especially on high-friction surfaces like carpet.

- Ben