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32U4 and Arduino Uno

The Pololu site says that " The Zumo control board is essentially a shield for the A-Star 32U4 Prime, Arduino Uno or Arduino Leonardo, each of which can be plugged directly into the shield’s male header"

But my Arduino Uno R3s have a power socket that clash with the Zumo shield charge connecteor.

And is there any point in using Arduino Uno R3s as the libraries suggest you have to use an A-Star board


Can you post some pictures that demonstrate how your Arduino does not fit on the Zumo shield? Could you also post a picture of your Zumo shield that shows its identifying markings?

You should be able to use our Zumo Shield Arduino library with an Arduino Uno; you do not need an A-Star specifically. Can you link to the documentation or the part of our code makes you think you can only use an A-Star?

- Patrick

With power connector chopped off:

With power connector still on the Uno:

I can see the issue now. The Geekcreit UNO is not the same as the normal ones.

I am glad to gear you figured out the problem. Thanks for letting us know.

- Patrick