3" pre-crimped wires

I find your pre-crimped wires to be extremely useful: pololu.com/catalog/category/71

I’ve been making my own custom cables for years but it’s really nice to be able to keep a stock of wires that are ready to go. When I need a cable, I just grab the appropriate wires and housings and I’m good to go - no stripping, no crimping, no soldering (sometimes).

My only issue is that the 3" wires are only available in the assortment of colors. The longer wires can be purchased in packages of a single color. I go through red, black, yellow, and white faster than the other colors.

Do you have any plans to offer single-color packages of 3" wires?


Thanks for your feedback. We did not have any plans to do individual colors, but in light of your comments, we will consider it. If anyone else is also interested in getting these in individual colors, please let us know.

- Jan