3.3 volt interface to PIC

I am trying to interface a LS20031 GPS to a PIC16F887. The LS20031 is TTL level(3.3 volt) and the PIC is 5 volts. The GPS needs less than 100mah power.

Is this the way to do this? I don’t want to fry the GPS module or the PIC.

See the picture.



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Hello, woodturner550,

Your circuit looks okay. I do not see anything in it that would fry your components, but you should check the datasheet of your PIC to make sure it will accept 3.3 V as a logic high. If not, you will need a level shifter on the GPS TX - PIC RX line.

(By the way, you probably meant to say 100 mA; mAh is a measure of capacity, not current.)

- Kevin

Thanks for your help. You are correct on the mA. I will check on the PIC to see if the signal is right, I have a schematic for a level shifter.

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Looks good. Check the data for the PIC, often they mention and give advice about peripheral interfaces.