3.3 v regulator (D24V5F3) Vin vs Vout

I am looking to use a D24V5F3 to establish a 3.3 volt reference. It doesn’t need to be exactly 3.3 volts, but I need it to stay reasonably constant as a 2S LiPo pack discharges.

What is a reasonable expectation for how much drift I will see in Vout from 7.6 to 6.6 volts of Vin?

I intended to feed the 3.3 volts to a MLX90316 Rotary Position Sensor IC in analog mode that will return from 10-90% of the supplied voltage mapped to 0-360 deg of position. I can only read one voltage into my controller and in order to calculate position I would have to be confident that the ~3.3 volts has stayed constant to within 0.25-0.50%.

If it drifts by more than this, I will need to use the MLX90316 in digital mode and will need to add a micro-controller. In my use case; size, weight and power consumption are critical so I would like to avoid the additional controller (not to mention the increased complexity).


That regulator does not sound appropriate. It sounds like you should be looking at a precision voltage reference or linear regulator.