298:1 Metal gear motor inertia?

I read many post in this form that you don’t have any specification of inertia,so I want to calculate it by myself.
But,I don’t know the D-shape shaft(3mm) be made by what material? Do you have any data or can tell me what kind material made the D-shape shaft?? Thank you very much~~~~~!!!:smiley:


The shafts of our micro metal gear motors are made from stainless steel.


Thank you Robertg :smiley:

Do you know what density is it? Is it stainless steel303 or stainless steel304 or another kind stainless steel? I need to know the density of the stainless steel to calculate the weight of the D-shape shaft.

The D-shaft is only a small portion of the entire rotor assembly, so I expect it to have a very small contribution to the overall motor inertia. I suspect that calculating the inertia would be impractical (at least to any precision where the exact steel type of the D-shaft matters), and you will likely have to try to measure it empirically.