25X48 gearmotor problems

I purchased a wildthumper 75/1 4 months ago and befor too long switched it over to the 34/1 motors, in total I have 14 motors. 3 of these the power connection tabs have broken right at the plastic insulation going into the motor leaving nowhere to solder to. 2 of these have had the gear on the output driveshaft worn to the point that they are no longer useable. I have RC trucks that I rat race with, I don’t drive this hard at all and I have charged the batteries about 40 times. My question is, are there others having similar issues or is this normal for these little motors?? Thanks for your anticipated feedback.


We haven’t had reports of trouble with these motors. It sounds like you need better strain relief for your motor leads in your particular application as the motor terminals are not intended for a great deal of flexing. What voltage are you running your motors at and approximately how many hours of use have the worn out motors been through?

Also, I am not familiar with rat racing. Can you describe a bit how you typically use these motors?

- Ben