Please excuse my ignorance in advance. I am not an electronics engineer, merely trying to assemble something from pre-built components.
I have a device with an RS232 female connector, and I need access to most of the pins, specifically 1, 4 and 6. This is to interface the device to an Arduino. Most of the RS232 shifters I can find only do 4 pins. The Pololu 23201a would be exactly what I need, except that it is the wrong way round.
Can it be easily reversed? Is there a simple alternative? I realise I could build one but I am looking for pre-built components so far as possible.
Thanks in advance


You might be able to use a male to male RS232 adapter to connect the devices.

- Jeremy

My device transmits on pins 1 and 6, and receives on pin 4. I am not sure what the 23201a will do with those.

I am not sure what you are trying to do. The 23201a serial adapter takes the signals it receives and converts them to voltages for logic circuits. The first nine pins on the serial adapter correspond to the same nine pins on a RS232 connector.

- Jeremy

The MAX3238 has 5 drivers and 3 receivers. That’s why I am not sure if it will work just to reverse the pins with a cable or adapter.

I managed to find a USB Host breakout board instead. It is a rather roundabout solution: first Serial to USB adapter (StarTech, with all pins enabled) then USB Host board, which has a MAX3421 on it, to act as a DTE rather than DCE.