2012 Pololu T-Shirts

Hi, all!

2012 Pololu T-shirts are now available.

Contest: Be the first to identify the product whose PCB layout is shown on the shirt and win a free shirt! Just post your guesses in this thread.

- Ben

It looks like the Orangutan SVP. The pictures for the two different processors are the same, so I guess the layout is the same.

I’m surprised nobody jumped on this before me. F!R$7 P0$7!

Orangutan SVP-1284 robot controller, It took me a minute but I know that is what it is!

Well, that contest didn’t last long! Darth Maker got the answer first: the Orangutan SVP. (Both SVP versions use the same PCB layout.) I’ll send you an email about this shortly, Darth Maker.

- Ben