2 VR in series for pos and neg DC supply

Hi All,
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I have been using 2 of your VR’s that are adjustable form 4.5 to 18vdc. I’m looking at using a Sic Fet driver that requires 15V+ and 8V- on the output supply side of the fet driver. Could I put 2 of these adjustable VR’s in series and adjust for pos and neg output? The connection for pos would be from the series connection point to the pos side and the connection for the neg would be from series connection point to neg side.

Hello, Donald.

It seems like you might have forgotten to include a link to the regulator you are currently using, but unfortunately, none of our voltage regulators would be appropriate for a setup like that. The only regulator we have that is designed to handle negative voltages is this Charge Pump Voltage Inverter, and that can only handle up to 5.3V and output currents up to around 60mA.

- Patrick