2 serials and i2C on m3pi

Hi everyone.

First post here.

I was looking to use the m3pi to connect with serial to Xbee, serial with 3pi and i2c with imu.
The thing is that the serial ports that can do hardware i2c are already used for Xbee and 3pi.

I found this post on how to do software i2c on other pins of the mbed but i would like to avoid that.

I was thinking on doing some rewiring, by cutting the serial pins on the headers between m3pi and 3pi, so that i use pins 9 and 10(serial/i2c) for i2c with the IMU and connect pins 13 and 14(just serial) with wire to the cut off header so that i control 3pi with those pins.

Any thoughts on this?



Although I do not see anything wrong with your basic plan, I would suggest giving the software I2C option a try before altering your m3pi. The fast processing power of the mbed processors should make the software I2C a viable option.