2.8A Stepper Motor and DRV8825

Hi folks,

I currently have the DRV8825 driver. It’s rated 2.2A. The bipolar stepper motor I want to buy is rated 2.8A. Looks like it’s to much for the DRV8825. What are some solutions?



The rating on a stepper motor is the maximum current that can be driven through each coil and at that current, the motor delivers the maximum rated torque. If you drive more current, the motor will overheat.

You can always drive the motor with less current than the maximum. It will then deliver proportionally less torque.

Thanks Jim!

I read that if I drive a motor at 2.2A, heatsink is needed on the pololu.
Can someone please provide a really good heatsink for the DRV8825?


I found a heatsink with fan in the basement. I think it will do a great job in cooling it. However, I think it’s a little big for my drv8825. I’ll try it for now.