2.54 crimp housing connector vs?


I am a newbie. I recently received a board with 2.54mm(pitch and spacing) male pin header 2x10. On the male pins there was pololu.com/product/1029 (2x10 version) one of these, I am guessing I am supposed to solder wires to male pins sticking out, but the pins are pretty fine and tightly space, it seems like a challenge to accurately solder in there, especially in the middle rows.

Which is superior, crimping and using pololu.com/product/1917 this, or the idea previously mentioned?

Usually, I’ve simply put wires through the holes on a board and soldered that, new ideas to myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a 2-3 camp idea that has been argued to death on the pros and cons and I have simply failed at finding them. I’d be happy to read those discussions if they exist.

I am sure I could easily desolder the 2x10 male header and fix the pins straight to the board, but I kind of like the idea of using using connections.



I think it is easier to get some female pre-crimped wires and insert them into the crimp connector housing to plug into the male headers on your board. The female header you linked to has relatively short contact pins that are generally meant to be soldered to a set of 0.1" spaced holes on a PCB. (I think it would be more of a hassle to solder wires directly to those contact pins.)