2.4 GHz transmitter

I am constructing a Microstar 2000 transmitter that uses a very sophisticated encoder providing 8 channels with the capability of remembering settings for up to 96 vehicles. The heart of the encoder is a 10 or 12 bit PIC. It produces standard pulses of 1.5 ms neutral with a range of 0.9 to 2.1 ms. The encoder designer’s website can be found by Googling “Microstar 2000”.

My problem is that I purchased the package of 100 female pins I need to add to the control potentiometer and switch wiring so they can be connected to the encoder header strip. Pololu does not currently sell a crimp tool and I had little success using a needle nose plier to crimp the pins to the wires. Jan from Pololu indicated that they have sold quite a few packages of these 100 pins so I ask for input on how you are crimping and/or soldering the pins to the wires. Thank you.