18v15 and analog joystick

I have a 12v dc motor hooked to the 18v15 and it lifts a platform up and down. My analog joystick outputs 0-5v when pushed forward (up) and 0-5v when pulled backwards (down). Will the 18v15 allow me to reverse the direction somehow since the outputs for up/down are both 0-5v. I looked thru the options but can’t see where i can allow for that. My old controller had a direction and brake line…


We have several products with “18v15” in the name. Can you provide a full product name, or, even better, a product number?

- Ben

Hi ben

Its the Pololu item #: 1376 version…is there any way to hook a direction line to this guy so that the motor can go in both directions with 0 to 5 volts from a joystick?

Typically, if you want bidirectional control from an analog joystick, you would set it so that the midpoint of the joystick (2.5V) corresponds to neutral, and deviations to each side of neutral move the motor in one direction or the other. Is this an option for you?

- Ben

No because as i stated the drive joystick when pushed forward is 0 to 5v and then when pulled backwards is also 0 to 5 v output. That way the stick is intuitive to go up abd down. We have a direction line from a micro but i dont see how that could be incorporated into this controller. Is there another controller that could use this direction signal?

Can you better explain your system? For example, if your joystick’s output is symmetric, where does the direction signal come from (e.g. how does your micro know when it is pushed forward and when it is pulled backward)? Is this micro part of the joystick or is it some programmable module you are using?

We do not have any motor controllers that can take an analog voltage for speed and a digital direction line. Are you sure your joystick is outputting an analog voltage rather than a PWM signal?

- Ben