180 deg for servo


I have a servo, type Futuba S3003

I attach this to my phidgets-controller (phidgets.com/products.php?ca … ct_id=1066) and get 180 deg response on my servo (running one of the phidgets example programs).

I am currently writing a C-program to control the same servo using pololu hardware :
Important lines of the code :
Command[0] = 0x84;
Command[1] = 0;
i1 = 4231; i2 = 8000;
for (i=i1;i<i2;i+=10){
Command[2] = i&0x7F;
Command[3] = (i>>7)&0x7F;
if (write(fd,Command,4-mini) == EOF) {
fprintf(stderr, “Error Writing Command”);
This will however only give 90 deg ! How can I get 180 deg response ?

Best regards

Håvard Holm

The limits had to be changed in Maestro…


Hello, Håvard,

I am glad you figured out the problem. To explain for anyone else who might read this thread, the Maestro is configured to output a pulse width in the standard range of 1000 to 2000 microseconds by default, which corresponds to about 90 degrees of movement on most servos. To increase the range of motion, you can change the Min and Max in the Channel Settings tab of the control center. One of the FAQs for the Maestros explains how to do this in more detail.

- Kevin