172:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx56L mm

I am looking to use this motor in an experiment demonstrating constant angular velocity. I am not concerned about keep the motor running at a constant velocity. I am concerned though that I won’t have the desired velocity. Ideally the motor will have several steps in velocities ~30rpm, ~60rpm, ~90rpm, ~120rpm, ~240rpm.
What is the max voltage I can run this motor?
I would be controlling the motor with a variable power source and would like to avoid the motor controller you sell.
The motor will not be directly mounted to the mass I will be spinning. It will be connected, most likely, by a 1:1 pulley. Are there pulley wheels and belts available from you that match this motor output shaft or will I need to mount what ever I end up using on your universal mounting hub?

Would there be a better motor for this set up?


Any ideas?

Hello, Peter.

Most of our metal gearmotors can operate comfortably in the 3-9V range, but you might be able to power them with voltages as low as 1V. Unfortunately, the motor that you are asking about will not be able to achieve the speeds that you are looking for. If you pushed that motor to the edge of its recommended operating limits (9V) it would still only be going about 50 rpm, as motor speed scales linearly with voltage.

A more appropriate option for your demonstration might be our 34:1 metal gearmotor. This motor has a free run speed of about 165 rpm at 6 volts so this motor would run around 27 rpm at 1V, achieving your lower rpm requirement, and if you powered it at 9V, it would be running at about 247 rpm.

As for your question about pulleys, all of the pulleys that we carry can be found near the bottom of this page. However, I do not believe that there is an easy way to attach those pulleys to our motors even if you use the mounting hub.