168 Servo Code Help

I am trying to run a robot usnig two servos and the LV 168. I was not able to change the servo example to do what I want which is move forward, backward, turns and stop. Could someone please help? Thanks

Yes, we can help, but we can’t read your mind! Try to simplify your code to the smallest thing that does not work, then

  • describe your setup, especially servo & power connections;
  • post your code;
  • tell us what you want it to do; and
  • tell us what it actually does.


Also, please post your Orangutan-related threads in the Orangutan Robot Controllers subforum so I don’t have to keep moving them there!

- Ben

I am sorry if I am using the wrong location for this question but I looked at it as a software question. I’ll make sure to use the Orangutan-related threads in the Orangutan Robot Controllers subforum nest time.
Regarding the code the example given under Lv168 for servo is a bit complicated for my coding skills. All I want to do is:
to know how to make the servo turn period. I understand that I could generate the pulses but I don’t how. I wonder if I could use servo comands like I did for the Orangutan X2. (servo active, …)

Do you mean the example called simple_servo_control? Did you get it working at all? Do you have any specific questions about it?

If you do not like that example, you can use the servo control functions provided with the library.

If you try something and have trouble, please let do the things I asked for above so that we can actually help you.