12v windsheild wiper motor as a servo

I’m building a quarter scale r/c for my little girls school project . going to use a 12v wiper motor from a nissan for the steering servo . was wondering if it would be best to use the Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 CS or jrk 21v3 usb motor controller with feedback ? need help so i go ahead and purchase everything i need to install it first time i’v ever built something like this any help will be appreciated .


Those two products are completely different - is there some reason you picked those two? If not, you need to ask a more general question, like “How do I build a custom RC servo?” or “How can I use [my microcontroller] to control a motor?”

Can you also be more specific about your experience level? Have you ever done any electronics or programming at all? Any experience with RC kits?