1284 on sw bypass

I have been having trouble getting reliable turn on with the on/off sw jumpered.
I am considering bypassing the whole on/off circuit by a jumper wire between the power in + pad and one of the Vbat pads. This bypasses the Q3 reverse protection device but I do not see any easy way to keep that in since it is surface mount and has no easy thru hole pad that I can identify.

Do you see any problem is doing what I suggest?


Modifying the SVP in that way should be fine, except you would lose the reverse protection.

If you are comfortable doing this kind of soldering, I would recommend bypassing the MOSFET that is controlled by the power switch circuit instead. The picture below shows two groups of pins that are electrically connected and you would attach a wire from one group to the other. This will allow your SVP to always be on when power is supplied, without giving up the reverse protection. The upper group of pins is connected to VBAT.


Thanks for the info,and especially the picture :o)
I think I will try that – it seems simple enough.