128 subroutines with the Mini Maestro

"The first 128 subroutines defined in your script are special: these subroutines can be started using a serial or native USB command, and each call from within your script requires only one byte of script space."
This is taken from the Maestro Users Manual. It also states that the number of subroutines is unlimited.

I now have a Mini Maestro 24 in use which has 72 subroutines in its program. 63 is the last subroutine that it will run either from its program or from a serial command. Can some one confirm that the manual is correct as I have tried two of these units and neither will go past that 64 mark, 0 to 63. Any attempt to run 64 on just hangs the unit.

Firmware is 1.00 by the way but the write up on 1.01 does not have any mentiopn of this. Without these subroutines the Maestro is useless to my project.
Dougie L :frowning:

Hello, Dougie.

In version of the Maestro Control Center, which was released about a year ago, we fixed a bug that caused subroutines 64-127 to not work. What version of the Maestro Control Center do you have? You can see it in Help -> About.


:laughing: David, you have saved a years work !. I have been slowly adding the ability to do further control of my garden railway terminus to the Pololu Maestro. I had not thought to check for any updates before as it worked till a couple of days ago. I added another ten subroutines that pushed it past that 64 mark and got very frustrated when it failed to work.
I had V1.0.0.1 and after succesfully updating to V1.4.0.0 I can now use all 68 subroutines and still room for more.
Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction and getting the project back into working order. All I have to do know is go and test all the 60 odd routes the Mini Maestro 24 controls.
Dougie L :smiley:

This sounds like quite a complicated Maestro project, and we would love to see some pictures and videos when it is ready!