12 volt Power

I am looking to do a step up circuit that I can program to step up at certain timing. Or a capacitor that I can have the output step up or down. Is this possible ?


I am not sure what you mean by “step up circuit”. Are you referring to a step-up voltage regulator? If so, some of our step-up voltage regulators have an enable pin that can be toggled to switch the regulator on and off.

- Jeremy

I would like to be able to take a small input charge of 8-15 volts and step that up. I am looking to use that to run several servo motors. I will need to be able to Time these motors to run at the precise moment i need them to help with movement of my project.

Did you really mean “servo motors”, or are you actually using RC hobby servos? (You can read about their differences in this blog post.) Can you tell me specifically what you are using and how you are controlling everything?

- Jeremy

I am wanting to operate several actuators at specific times to operate an animated product. I need to operate 6-10 motors and have them operate at the precise time I want them and they will be push motors. Only.

Could you provide a datasheet or a link to the motors you are trying to use?

- Jeremy