10 pin to 6 pin for 3pi

I got a 10 pin avr programmer from avr dude kit

I need to convert it to 6 pin so , what pinout should i use in some pin out there are 3 GND on 10 pin and on some there are 4 pins for ground

Please suggest a pinout

I have made a simmiler board to sparkfun.com board , will it work ?

sparkfun.com/commerce/produc … ts_id=8508

The 3pi uses the standard AVR 6-pin ISP pinout, as listed on page 26 of the AVRISP mkII manual here, or in the 3pi schematic diagram here. Copying the SparkFun adapter board should work, but I would go by the pinouts instead to be sure.

Good luck programming!


i am not going by sparkfun board only that was to show that type of board with connectors i have built

So it should work ?