10.b. Compiling an Example App

Win XP with all updates:

Can’t get make_all to work from c:\wixel-sdk. Get the following errors:

MAKE Version 5.2 Copyright © 1987, 2000 Borland
Error makefile 9: Colon expected
Error makefile 92: Command syntax error
Error makefile 93: Command syntax error
Error makefile 141: Command syntax error
Error makefile 161: Too many rules for target '%.rel’
Error makefile 184: Command syntax error
*** 6 errors during make ***
You may now close this window.

AFAICT, the sdk installation completed successfully, and I accepted the defaults for everything. I looked at Makefile, and it seems to be OK (and line 9 reads as follows):

all: apps

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?



It looks like you are using a make utility written by Borland, and from the errors it is printing it looks like it is very different from GNU make. Please try using the version of GNU make that come in the Wixel Development Bundle. It should be in “C:\Program Files\Pololu\GNU Build Utilities\make.exe” by default.


Hmm, not sure how that could have happened, as I simply did the sdk install as documented, an then typed “make_all” at the command prompt in the c:\wixel-sdk directory. How do I determine which, if any ‘make’ utilities get executed?

Based on your suggestion, I cd’d to "c:\program files\pololu\GNU Build Utilities’ and ran “make c:\wixel-sdk\makefile”, and got the message “make: Nothing to be done for `c:\wixel-sdk\makefile’.”

Any more clues?


The make_all.bat in Wixel SDK simply executes “make” so whatever make.exe utility is found first in the directories in your PATH environment will be used. The best solution would be to take the Borland stuff off your PATH, or reorder your PATH so that our make is found first. However if you need the Borland stuff on your PATH for some reason then you can try changing a line in make_all.bat from “make” to “gnu_make” and rename our make.exe to gnu_make.exe; this will avoid the name conflict.



Yep - this did the trick - thanks!


OK, I have the Eclipse IDE loaded and installed, but now I’m getting the same sort of make error as before, except now from inside Eclipse. It looks like Eclipse is looking for ‘make’ instead of ‘gnu_make’. I looked through some of Eclipse’s configuration variables, but couldn’t find anything to change it’s ‘make’ to ‘gnu_make’. Any suggestions?

If it can’t be easily done inside Eclipse, then I’ll fall back on editing my basic PATH statement to move the Pololu stuff to the top.



I went ahead and changed the PATH statement, putting “C:\Program Files\Pololu\Wixel\Bin” and “C:\Program Files\Pololu\GNU Build Utilities” as the first and second entries, respectively, and this allowed Eclipse to work properly.

BTW, I used a free utility called “Redmond Path V1” from Redmond Labs to adjust the PATH configuration - the Windows XP utility sucks rocks :wink:.


I’m glad you figured it out. If you ever need to put the other make back onto your path, it is possible to configure Eclipse to run gnu_make instead of make.