10:1 Micro Metal Gear min voltage?

Hi - I was looking at the 10:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor for an application in which the motor is essentially free running (a small mirror is attached, but it has negligible inertia). I know the specs say that voltages below 3 V “might not be practical”, which I assume is based on the assumption that it will be moving a wheel, but how low can the drive voltage go before it stalls in free running? I need to get down to about 1 V. I’m using a PD controller that regulates the speed, and the algorithm needs to be able to give nominal control inputs between around 240 and 600 RPM (1.1-2.8 V), though the target speed will probably be over 300.

Regards, Ben


I just tried a random 30:1 unit and it turned at less than 0.5V, so if you’re doing some closed-loop control, you’ll probably be fine.

- Jan