Zumo Robot Questions

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in buying the zumo robot. I have a few questions of how many pins are available for like a hc-05 or a ping sensor with the line sensor. I don’t understand the user guide one.

Thank You,

Hello, Jordan.

I understand how it can be difficult to find information like this in the user’s guide. Some information can be spread over multiple sections of the guide. A previous forum post by Jon identifies pins A1, A4, and A5 as pins available to connect sensors to. Please note that the available pins mentioned in Jon’s post would only be available if you are not using them to monitor battery levels or for I²C communication. Also note, that using different Arduino models might affect pin assignments as well. Not too long ago, I answered a similar forum post and suggested a strategy that might help you in the future in understanding the pin assignments and how to figure out what pins might be available to you. Using the search feature of our forum can also be really useful. For instance, I found Jon’s post with a forum search for “Zumo pins”. I hope this helps you out.

If there are specific sections of the user’s guide you do not understand, I might be able to help clarify them for you.