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Zumo Curriculum / In the classroom / in schools


Just wondering if anyone has any robotic curriculum? Are there any teachers or professors using these bots in the classroom?


Hi, I am planning to use Zumo in the classroom.
According to my projects, I’ll start with simpler robot kits the students can build themselves (a chassis, two wheels, casters, an arduino uno, a sensor card, a bunch of sensors to connect when needed, dc motors with their L298 driver, and little more), and then I’ll go with Zumos.
Nothing ready, yet. I’ll share my experience with you, if you’re interested.
At present, I have to decide which model to buy: 50:1, 75:1, or 100:1 gear ratio?
I understand that the three different assembly options give different speed/torque, Of course 50:1 is the fastest and 100:1 is the strongest, so to say. I need the robots for my lessons, so I don’t have precise needs, I don’t need extraordinary speed, thus I’d probably take 75:1 or 100:1.
By the way, any advice about it?
Some Internet site where the three options are reviewed?
How slow is the slowest one?
In this moment I am searching the forum to see if any discussion about the subject already exists.
Best regards



I see you posted a similar question on another forum thread. I have posted a response there.



I am hijacking this thread rather than starting another one on a similar topic. If there is a better/ more recent one I should jump on, let me know.
I am teaching a robotics class next year and I am evaluating the Zumo for that class. The three projects that I am planning are line following, traversing a maze (using encoders), and Sumo competition. Is there any problems with using the encoders in the Zumo chassis? Is one encoder a better option for this than the other?
Also, the Zumo user’s guide does not include by-pass capacitors. Are they not necessary? If you suggest them, is 1nF the right value?




The Zumo shield for Arduino does not have a great way to add encoders that does not require modifying the chassis (and potentially damaging it). You might consider our Arduino compatible Zumo 32U4 robot which includes encoders.

You should not need any added capacitors for the motors on either Zumo model, and you should not add capacitance to the motors on the shield version since the motor drivers used on it are sensitive to added capacitance.



Thanks for your help with this. I have to look at the 32U4. Building the robot and making design decisions/tradeoffs is part of the learning objectives for the course so I want to have a platform that is somewhat customizable.

Thanks again



I use them when I teach my c / c++ class. FYI - they use jumpers to switch the sensors. They are located on the bottom / top line reader sensors. And yes, it does come of, it just slides into the mount. I also do some exercises where they navigate around items.



Thanks Jim. I’ll look into them.