Zumo battery contacts


I’ve just started to build a Zumo robot with a Pi Zero. I’ve come across an issue with the battery contacts. The springs compress very easily and after a few hours are putting very little pressure holding the battery in place. Any slight knock whilst driving and the power drops causing a reboot.

Has anyone else seen a similar issue and come up with a solution?


Hello, Gareth.

Are you just using the Zumo chassis with a Raspberry Pi Zero, or are you using one of the Zumo Robots? Could you post some pictures of the inside of your battery compartment on your Zumo?






Video.MOV (815 KB)

ATT00001.htm (3.27 KB)

Hi Brandon

It’s the chassis kit and a Pi Zero. I’ve posted some pictures and a video. Looking at it again I think it may just be one of the springs causing the problem as there is movement in the video on the second battery but not the others.

The spring on this contact looks tarnished for some reason. Is it possible just get replacement battery contacts?



Thank you for the pictures, video, and extra information.

It looks like the two single battery contacts are sitting a little bit lower than the others, which might be causing the battery to sit at an angle and be pushed out of position when hitting an obstacle, so you might consider trying to reposition those so they sit about even with the double contacts. Also, you could try pulling the springs out to deform them back into a stiffer spot. If neither of those things help the problem, you can email us at support@pololu.com with your order information and a reference to this forum post, and we can see how we can help you out.