You know what would rock? Wixel+Maestro servo!

It would be SO cool if you guys could come up with some sample code for this!

Then, think about it. Wireless robot control is just a matter of jumper two modules together, slap on some servos and start having fun! :sunglasses:

I was wondering the same: Is it possible to configure a pair of Wixels so one of them reads some buttons and the other is connected by UART to a Maestro servo controller?


It is possible, but would require someone to write some new software for the Wixel. The Wixel connected to the Maestro could run the standard Wireless Serial App, while the Wixel attached to the buttons would run a heavily modified version of the Wireless Serial app that converts button presses into Maestro serial commands and sends them wirelessly to the other Wixel.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that the Maestro’s RX line requires a voltage of 4 V to guarantee that the line is read as 1 (HIGH). The Wixel’s outputs only go up to 3.3 V, so that doesn’t meet the requirement but it will probably work anyway. --David

Well, due to the wixel rx voltage thing, would a wixel work to remote control a maestro or not? Someone tested it? Will it use only the wixel software or i need to write my own software?


Yes, the Wixel can be used to remotely control a Maestro. I just tested a Wixel (running the USB-to-Serial app) with a Micro Maestro and I was able to successfully send serial commands to the Maestro despite the issue with the RX voltage that I mentioned above. I connected the Wixel’s TX line directly to the Micro Maestro’s RX line and connected the GNDs. Those connections will probably work for you, but if not then you can use a level shifter.

You will have to write some software that generates the correct bytes for Maestro serial commands (as documented in the Maestro User’s Guide) and sends those bytes to the Wixel either over the USB virtual COM port or to the Wixel’s RX line, but you will not need to write any software for the Wixel itself. The Wireless Serial App will work for you.


Thanks, David.
I just bought a pair of wixel and will try the hole thing. Any progress, i post here, with the code.

Just to know, it worked like a charm.
Simply connected the wixel TX to maestro RX, both to the same power source 5v (to have the GNDs connected together), used the Wireless Serial App and ‘voilá’, it perfectly worked. To read from maestro i need to use a level shifter, because the 5v of the maestro TX would burn the 3.3v of wixel RX.

Thanks a loooot for the help, David!
Your Pololu products and you staff ROCKS!!! :smiley:

I have a Mini Maestro connected to my computer via USB and my program.
I am wondering if I can make this USB connection wireless with the Wixel.
I have seen some related information, but nothing about actual physical connections,
and nothing specifically for the Mini Maestro.
I am hoping something could be done pretty simply by simple physical connections.
Signal voltage is not a problem, that is easy enough to adapt, if a problem.
Or, perhaps you have some other suggestion?
I need something very small.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

The Mini Maestro’s serial interface is pretty similar to the Micro Maestro’s serial interface, so the information in this thread applies to it. If your existing program talks to the Maestro’s virtual COM port (as opposed to its native USB interface), then you should be able to make a wireless connection using the Wixel’s wireless serial app. Do you have a specific question about how to do this?