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XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16 raspberry 0 w


Hello, i need to control this smart-servo on my raspberry pi 0 w, is there any chance i can change the arduino XYZrobotServo library to work on raspberry? Is there any replacement for SoftwareSerial on the raspberry?



You could, but the changes are not trivial. It would probably be easier to write the library from scratch and refer to the XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16’s datasheet and our XYZrobotServo library’s source code, for more details and examples on how to interface with the smart servo. The datasheet is linked under the “Resources” tab on the XYZrobot Smart Srevo A1-16’s product page.

As for your last question, we do not know of any modules for the Raspberry Pi similar to Arduino’s SoftwareSerial library. Please note that our XYZrobotServo library uses SoftwareSerial to support platforms that do not have a free hardware serial port, so if one of the hardware serial ports on your Raspberry Pi is available, you should be able to just use that to interface with the XYZrobot smart servo instead of creating a software-based serial port.

- Amanda