XBEE-PRO & Micro Serial Servo Controller

I wonder if anyone did work with XBEE-PRO and Micro Serial Servo Controller together. I have issues with RS232 communication between both modules. The XBEE-PRO module’s baudrate was set up as 38400 bps and I used Pololu Servo Controller in .NET by Colin Karpfinger and it was set in same baudrate. The green light LED blinking and red light LED constant on. I assumed that mean baud rate was too fast, however all baudrate was all set same. Does RF change or corrupted data? I use terminal for loopback and got correct data? The servo controller was set in Pololu mode. Could anybody clarity on this? I am noob :question: .

I successful resolved this problem due to the fact that XBEE Dout serial outputted as non-inverted logic level. So connected to logic level serial input resolved this. I am noob as you could see. Now on next case, manual did not exactly explained fully on what LED indicator does expect data rate, frame error and other. Could anybody explain to me? For instance, when stream of data input at 38400 data rate and got some of yellow light blinked sometime and for a while, it stop and green and yellow turned on and red light blinking. Is that due to data got corrupted? The stream of data was too fast for the controller to handle?


The controller can keep up with all commands at a valid data rate, so if you see communication errors, it’s most likely due to corrupted data/junk on the serial line.

- Jan