Wireless usb connection

Is it possible to get a wireless usb setup to control my maestro control center? A cord is stressful beacasue it has pulled off a few mini usb ports on the device

Wow, are you saying that the USB connector soldered to the Maestro has been torn off by the USB cable? Did you repair the damage?

There are wireless USB hubs available online. We haven’t tried tried any of them, but here is one from Amazon that might work for you:
amazon.com/Belkin-F5U301-Cab … B000LP9RQC

Alternatively, you could set up a wireless serial link to control the Maestro using its RX and TX lines. There are many products out there that can create the wireless serial link, such as the Wixel:
We don’t have any example software that uses the Maestro’s serial protocol so you would have to write your own software and/or look around on this forum for examples in your favorite language.


alright! i will do some reaserch! thanks! and i was not able to repair the damage. The port also tore some of the leads off of the chip and jumping them was near impossible. Ive had an electrical engineer try to but no hope. I plan to use the money i won from my science fair project(that didnt work) TO PAY FOR NEW PARTS

Hey Vinnie,

If you hadnt had the time to write the code you are free to try my shareware version to test out your Maestro using the wireless connection to the TX/RX TTL lines:


The download link is on that page along with documentation. The only limitation witht he shareware version is you get to only use one Servo and One Sensor to play with. Please keep in mind the port configurations that must exist to use. I have the configurations available for download as


You won’t need the latter once you are comfortable using the Maestro Control software. The software is probably way overkill for what you want to test but this way you won’t have to start from scratch.

Have Fun