Windows Serial Port Communication


I’m wanting to send commands to a motor and servo controller via the serial port on a windows based machine. I’ve downloaded source code for serial port communication, but it’s mostly high level (i.e. sending strings not characters or bytes). Does anyone know where I can download source code for simple serial communication (VB or VC++) to have control over sending just the bits I want without appending other stuff to the beginning and end of the packet?

I realize I could probably map the strings being sent to certain hex values, but I figured you guys may have a more straight forward way of accomplishing this.


Hi Andy,

Serial communication using .NET is pretty easy. I don’t have any VB or VC++ examples, but I can point you to some VC# examples that you can hopefully convert to VB or VC++ without too much trouble:

Please let me know if you have any trouble adapting these examples for your own use.

- Ben