Windows Developer Plugin now available

Hi All,

If you are new or an experienced Robotics developer we have produced a 3 ActiveX Components that allows you to interact with several controllers including the Maestro and Servo 8 controllers. All you have to do is include in the project in any visual language and use the properties/functions and events to your hearts desire. There are three activeX’s:

  1. Robot Lite - Stand alone App development (Shareware)
  2. Server ActiveX - TCP Robot applications (Shareware - flexible pricing based on your needs)
  3. Client Activex- works with Server ActiveX (Free)

All downloads including documents and demos can be found at:

There are many features that evolve beyond the controllers capabilities and to use those features you require adapters which is our unique offering but are not mandatory if you just want to use the current capability of the controllers.

Have Fun