Will Micro Maestro work with this servo?


Part Number: 13-7112-62
Operating Temperature: -40C to +60C
Electrical Interface: 3 wires 22AWG
Color Code: Black – Ground
Red- Vcc +5 VDC
White- Control Pulse 800us-2200us
Current: 10 mA @ rest / 500mA max @ Stall
Lifetime 500,000 cycle min
Weight: 2.4 oz./ 68 grams

What specific settings are required in the Maestro Control Center? Sounds like the gears are grinding with every setting that I have tried thus far.

The servo works perfectly fine when connected to my satellite IRD, but alas the goal was to get rid of this “boat anchor”.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

It sounds like that servo should work fine with the Maestro.

Maybe your servo cannot handle fast changes in the pulse width. You could try setting a speed limit for your servo channel in the Maestro Control Center.

Do you have an oscilloscope available so you can compare the signals from your satellite IRD to the signals from the Maestro?

Does the servo actually rotate and go to the proper position when controlled by the Maestro, or does it just sit still and grind?


No, but I do have a Saleae logic analyzer…saleae.com/logic
Here is the complete datasheet on the CPU in the satellite IRD datasheetcatalog.org/datashe … 968_DS.pdf
I can also get you a copy of the firmware via jtag.

Ok, made some progress here are my settings thus far.
For Min and Max the setting is 832 and 1936, respectively.
For Speed and Acceleration the setting is both 100.
This setup works, but once the servo reaches it position, it still makes a humming noise(different from the louder grinding noise mentioned above).

I have built this PIC Servo Controller circuit also and it works perfectly with my servo.

I also have a question regarding the micro’s firmware. Every time I disable (uncheck) the servo under the “status” tab, the micro sends the servo to its limits and immediately the “grinding” noise occurs. Why are pulses sent when the servo is disabled?

Please tell me exactly what settings to try. If I am not providing enough information, then please tell me exactly what information you need to troubleshoot these issues.

Your Saleae logic analyzer will be very useful, but keep in mind that it won’t show you the voltage level of the signal, which could make a difference, though that is unlikely to be the problem.

The Maestro should simply stop sending pulses to the servo when you uncheck that box. If it sends out an incorrect pulse or keeps sending pulses, that would be a bug. Please look at the Maestro’s signal line using your logic analyzer to see what it does when the servo channel is disabled. Also you should try to get a capture that shows the transition from enabled to disabled just to make sure there aren’t any bad pulses happening during that transition. If you see something bad, please post an image of it here.

Another thing you should do is to try setting all three of your servo controllers to send out 1500 microsecond pulses, and compare the signals being sent by them. Please post images for all three signals here. Double check to make sure that servo hums when connected to the 1500 us signal from the Maestro but doesn’t hum when it is connected to the 1500us signal from the satellite IRD or PIC. If that is not the case, please tell us how the servo behaves. Also, you should tell us how you are powering the servo.

Your images should have labeled time axes so we can tell what pulse width is being shown and what the period of the signal is.


Will do…but real quick…
I can assure you the micro definately sends pulses after the servo check box is disabled.

And I can also assure you that there is no humming noise from the servo when connected to the satellite IRD or the PIC Servo Controller @1500us or any other “us”, but no matter what position I use with the micro, once the servo reaches the position, it constantly hums.

I have powered the servo two different ways. I have used a +5v wall adapter and also used the Satellite IRD’s +5v output.

Lets do one thing at a time. Right now my biggest concern is the firmware sending pulses after I disable the servo. This will be the first analyzing I do…more soon.

BTW, I live in just a hop, skip, and a jump from Elburn…in Aurora. By chance was your childhood dentist Krueger? Hung out with his son in High School(we partied at the office on some weekends):wink: