Will drv8833 dual motor work with 3v owi robot arm

DRV8833 Dual Motor Driver Carrier

I have a sr des proj to convert a owi 535 robot arm edge to human-operated master-slave operation from sensors located on operator’s human arm.

The motors on the arm are run from +/- 3 volts. I think they operate on 0.6 to 1.2 A.
Will the drv8833 work with the motors? Do you recommend any other equipment from sensors, microcontrollers, to how to replace the 8 pin flat ribbon cable connection to the existing manual controller?


If your motor specifications are correct, the DRV8833 should be okay. You can also consider the DRV8835, which can go down to a slightly-lower motor voltage of 2V. Without knowing more about your project, I don’t have recommendations about sensors, microcontrollers, or connectors.

- Ryan

I’m trying to convert an owi 535 robot arm edge to a human-operated arm with sensors driving a master-slave robot arm. Eventually, I’ll try to drive all 5 motors rotating 3 linkages vertically, plus open-closing a gripper and horizontally rotating a base.

I currently have a L3GD20 3-axis gyro, Arduino mega, and the arm operating on a manual control box of double-pole switches. I need the drv8833 to drive one of the motors for simple cw/ccw rotation. Do I need some sort of 3V battery pack to supply the +/- 3 V to the drv8833? Also, how do I switch polarity? The website shows Vin and AOUT1 and BOUT1 to two different motors - how do I rotate the motor cw/ccw?

my current design looks like:
gyro -> mega -> drv8833 ($7) pololu.com/catalog/product/2130 informative website -> 3 volt motor on arm joint

Do you recommend any other components?

I recommend looking at how you want to connect these components together. Maybe you can start with some jumper wires and breadboards for prototyping. What is the purpose of the gyro?

- Ryan

the gyro is to detect angular motions of a human arm mastering the robot’s slave motion. Do you recommend
any reference to begin writing code from? The idea is gyro data to arduino mega to motor driver like drv8833 to dc motor on the owi 535 robot arm. I now have the components. My initial problem is connecting the gyro to the arduino and then reading the data from the gyro.

You can look at our Arduino Library for the L3GD20 for example code. A gyro should give you some kind of quick sense of the motion, but over time it starts to drift. If you want accurate orientations, you want to use something like the MinIMU-9.

- Ryan

concluding post:
thank you for your responses and info,
the project was moderately successful considering we only worked on it for 4 weeks because of a 7 week delay in getting servo motors. Anyone interested in the project can view the course required documentation at