Why red LED turn on?

I am currently using Pololu Micro servo controller#207.when I turn on power with my serial input connected,the red LED turn on and the yellow LED flashes. I had change my baud rate from 2000-40000, but problem cannot be solved. Can anyone tell me where is the problem. Thanks a lot!


If you turn on the servo controller while serial data is being sent, the baud rate detection could fail. What happens when you just power up without anything else connected? Can you send one byte at a time with our serial transmitter utility?

- Jan

Is this the 6 channel micro maestro? did you do the mod to put the wire from PWR to VIN? i tried this but whenever i plugged the USB in the error light came on so i just removed it.


No, this thread is about the Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller, item 207. (If the red LED on the Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller turns on, you should look at the error list in the Maestro Control Center to figure out what the problem is.)